Micah – “Santa Barbara Weekend” prod. by Donovan Dark

“Santa Barbara Weekend” is a smooth R&B record inspired by a date gone wrong in Santa Barbara, CA. The record provides a nice relaxing vibe that you can cruise to in the car while the song will also relate to the everyday drama that a relationship brings. “Santa Barbara Weekend” is the FIRST timeless record that Micah has written and recorded. The record was written and recorded in Los Angeles, California at the Reflex Entertainment/Dark Matter Studio in Downtown Los Angeles. Director X (Nell Logan) is the genius director behind taking the story and turning it into the cinematic masterpiece you see now. Be sure to follow Micah’s growth as an artist and writer while supporting him on his social media platforms.
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Micah – mean it
Micah is a Los Angeles based artist that has a very unique style and sound. Mean it provides a look behind the curtain into Micah’s more scandalous escapades. Be sure to follow and support this amazing upcoming powerhouse.

Hip hop artist KwestMusicSlim from Holly Springs, NC by way of Philadelphia. Born in Philly, Slim was born to a young couple who would soon be torn apart by tragedy. As a young talented athlete, Slim would often freestyle on the back of the activity bus with several teammates as they traveled to and from basketball and football games. While injury would cut his playing career short, it would open the door for his music. KwestMusicSlim, a young man with a passion for music and a dream to bring his music to the world.


Magali Delarosa is both beauty and talent rolled in to one. The Mexican-American Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Fashion Designer was born in South Texas and after her High School graduation, passionately pursued her dream by moving to Los Angeles, California. Magali’s musical upbringing is so closely aligned with her musical influence, the late and great Selena Quintanilla. Both women were inspired at a young age by their music loving fathers. Magali’s father, Carlos Delarosa, was a Tejano-Rock Musician and Producer. Both of Magali’s parents played a tremendous role in her career and their investment in Magali’s talent paid off early. At the age of 8, Magali was sought out by the popular media conglomerate, Univision to sing a Selena Tribute on air and from there her career took off.Magali has performed for popular music venues like The House of Blues, The Key Club, El Cine Rey and The Congo Room to name a few. Her extraordinary talent caught the ear of American Idol judge and Record Producer, Randy Jackson. It was around this time that Magali Delarosa was offered a spot in the Latina Female group, Brunette. During her career development with Brunette, Magali continued to write songs and discovered a passion for songwriting. Magali has launched a successful clothing line, RagzbyMagz and is in the process of releasing a children’s clothing line, Baby Bonita.International public figures also sought out the Mexican-American supernova. Armenian star, Karen Hakobyan requested Magali to feature on his hit single “Sirel Em” and feature as his love interest in the official music video. “Sirel Em” has reached over two million views since its release in 2012. The two international stars were asked to perform live at the Nokia Theater for a crowd of 7,000 anticipating fans. Magali continued on as an independent artist after parting with Brunette, and shortly after released her single “Revival”. “Revival”, which is available in both English and Spanish, is a soulful acoustic guitar driven pop-ballad that has stirred major attention with record labels. The music video, showcasing both her attractive features and her impressive clothing designs, has triggered the interest of several modeling agencies. Her most recent accomplishment is her Latin Pop debut album entitled “Esta Vez” which is now in all digital stores, radio and has a music video out for the single to this culturally rich album.

Article by Danielle Blaiq




Over the last few months I have gotten the pleasure of really getting to know Nate Wood. One thing I can say is he is as dedicated to his craft as you can be. He has a clear vision, knows who he is as an artist and even more importantly as a person. I foresee Nate leaving his imprint on this world one way or another.

One thing that is clear right away during Nate Wood’s new music video titled “The Party” is that a good amount of people showed up for the video shoot. That speaks volumes to Nate’s character and about the people who showed up to the party. I sent my respect to everyone involved. This video reminds me of a weekend in college. Close friends, good music and beer. Everyone seemed to have a great time and it truly looked like a great night.

One thing I love about Nate Wood’s music is his personal lyrics. Nate always has a story to tell and stay’s on message. I really appreciate Nate as a lyricist. He stays true to himself and because of that his music is unique.

The Party is a well-put together video. Great quality in extremely high definition, great angles, put together flawlessly. Overall the video helps tell the perfect story for the song. Alex Belville of Mirrorless Productions LLC did a great job with the production of the video.

Nate Wood has a vision of his dream and he’s chasing it full speed. His organization skills, determination, and commitment to his craft will help him continue to grow as an artist. I expect to see plenty of great things coming From Nate Wood in the near future.

Twitter: @nextlifenate
Instagram: @nate_.wood

Dennis Sy is an award-winning singer and BMI songwriter and GRAMMY member based in New Jersey, with a vocal quality and style that effortlessly moves across various music genres – from pop, rock, adult contemporary to jazz.

Songs from his 3rd solo album STRONGER THAN BEFORE have garnered multiple nominations and awards from organizations like the Hollywood Music and Media Awards, American Songwriting Awards, Global Music Awards. STRONGER THAN BEFORE and I’VE BEEN SEARCHING, 2 songs from the same album, were also on the 2014 and 2015 GRAMMY ballot.

Such high praise has taken Sy to places few artists ever get the opportunity to visit, such as Carnegie Hall. Over his 23 year career, Sy’s also played stages in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and the Mohegan Sun Casino.

For the single SHINE ON, he has brought together his fellow GRAMMY member friends, Natalie Jean and Darick DDS Spears, to collaborate on a song that delivers a message of positivity and hope in the midst of unrest in today’s social climate.

It speaks of embracing diversity – that we may be different in many ways, from the color of our skin to our cultural sensibilities, but we don’t have to be the same to live harmoniously together. As long as we let what’s inherently good in our hearts “shine through.”

Instagram: dsymusic
Twitter: dsymusic

Micah started his music career at a young age playing violin. Through the years, Micah learned how to play the Saxaphone, Guitar, French Horn, and Bongo Drums.. He then focused on singing and song writing in middle school. Participating in Show Choir solidified his love for music and dance.

During a New Year’s trip to Vegas, he decided to focus on recording and publishing his music. Micah does most of his recording at The Studio at the Palms in Las Vegas, NV.

Micah’s music has been best described as a crossover between Hip-Hop and R&B. Artists that he has been compared to stylistically include: Drake, The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller, and more.