Good morning! I’m mixed and very very determined to become a model I’m currently a law student and a bech body coach.Id truly love to be apart of your guys successful team.

Twenty one years old and located in Raleigh! I am a makeup artist and freelance model. I love being behind the camera making the models beautiful and love being the model. When I am not busy doing makeup, working or modeling, you can find me with my dog watching hulu!

Amber Dominique is a 26 yr old mother and professional model signed to Couture Modeling Agency of Wappingers NY. Amber is a NYC native, now residing with her young daughter in the Mid Hudson Valley NY area.She has been modeling since her teenage years and has a list of work from numerous independent shoots as well as shooting with celeb photographer Ronnie Wright. Amber has been featured in publications such as Nancy Redds book Body Drama, in F.A.B. wear, Allie Cat Boutique, for Ever After Bridal Inc, www.on wow magazine for Ayo Shittu Urban Chic wear and more. Amber Dominique is also a seasoned runway model featured in numerous fashion shows. Who do you get your fashion inspiration from? I get my inspiration from everywhere. In style fashion, old school fashion, classic 50’s. I’m always different my style can’t be set to one category. Which companies, brands, photographers, and media spreads have you modeled for? Ever After Bridal inc, Allie Cat Boutique, F.A.B. by Averill NYC, Urban Chic fur fashion by Ayo Shittu, Hudson Valley Creatives Shoots. Photographers Lamont Johnson, Averill, Lendell Simmons, Stefy Hilmer, Danielle Van Houton and more. Body paint by Award winning body paint artist Kelly Torres. Any upcoming photo shoots? if yes, then with who? There are always shoots coming up but its almost runway season, that’s what I’m focused on right now. What are your goals and where do you see yourself in the next 3 years? My goal for the next 3 years is to continue to strive and become more successful in the modeling industry as well as getting into things behind the scenes first in line a children’s boutique. Twitter: Amber_Dominique Instagram: model_amber_dominique

I am a model who likes to do things out of the ordinary, I’m very creative and likes uniqueness. I’m a person who loves to see people smile and help build self-esteem. I am a native of the Philippines and has been modeling in CA and NV for 5 years. I’ve work in numerous fashions shows and events. If you are looking for someone who is good at taking directions, great with people, and all around humble, then this is the go to girl. I’m hardworking, energetic, and passionate about what I do. I pride myself in being trustworthy and reliable, because I feel those are essential qualities to being successful in everything you do in life. Who do you get your fashion inspiration from? The people I Love and Cherish. Which companies, brands, photographers, and media spreads have you modeled for? Fashion Week Las Vegas Fashion Week San Diego Fashion Show Mall Runway BEST Agency TNG Models The Platinum Redken TIGI Fantastic Sam Macy’s More on Any upcoming photo shoots? if yes, then with who? Tolga Katas Nick Lombard Salome Becerra Magliris Muniz What are your goals and where do you see yourself in the next 3 years? I see myself in 3 years very successful with my own children’s day care business and I will have my 3rd and 4th degrees. My first goal is to be able to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, even just once. I will be a very happy model. Second goal to open a business. Third goal to travel arpund the world, learn every culture and customs of different countries and take many photo shoots around the world. 4th goal is to be ae to walk for my top fave designers Michael Cinco, Sherri Hill and Roberto Cavalli.

Lacy Lynn here! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamt of being a model someday, well that someday is finally here. I took up interest in photography, art, design ect. I wanted to be more creative I didn’t want to just be a model, but a creator of artwork.. In all forms. I am very much an earth child, hippie if you will. I love animals,plants, being lost in the woods. I work with special needs children and I enjoy every moment of it knowing how rewarding it is to change a pure souls life for the better, to help those who don’t understand or fit in, to inspire them to be more then what they think they are limited to. I love to draw, paint, sculpt ect. I am actually illustrating for a series of children’s books right now. All in all anything that let’s me be creative I am all over! Acting is another passion of mine as well. Who do you get your fashion inspiration from?  My fashion inspiration comes from within me, I like to wear what makes me feel good. Pretty, sexy whatever I want to feel that day, tyra had a big impact on my fashion inspiration growing up and I have learned from her most of all to be you! So everything I wear is definitely a creation of my own heart. Which companies, brands, photographers, and media spreads have you modeled for? * I have worked for drip girls, sam kazemi (international fashion designer and model) voxefx studios, stepheb caroll who does a lit of book covers, and a lot of freelance work for independent companies. I also do a lot of TFP (time for pics) because I feel like I should never stop practicing. Any upcoming photo shoots? if yes, then with who?  I have a few coming up I will be working with voxefx again very soon as well as Stephen Carroll. I have a lot of inquiries interested that I have yet to schedule due to my busy schedule with the therapy I do for special needs. What are your goals and where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?  My goal is to one day find management instead of freelancing so I can become more known among the people within the same interests, my dream is to one day have an editorial spread in vouge.

Dawn Goddess, (born Sarah Dawn) aspires to stand out from the crowd. A unique image and soulful voice makes this exotic singer attract people everywhere she goes. Raised in southern California, she grew up singing and competing in her school Choir ensembles her entire life. It wasn’t until late in 2015, after the free-spirit moved to Miami Beach Florida, that she decided to pursue her life’s passion and brand herself as a singer, model, songwriter and producer. Dawn has quickly created a buzz for herself in Miami and plans to grow further in Atlanta in the summer of 2016.

What sets Dawn Goddess apart from other singers in the biz? (She says, it’s her desire to be a Creative). – “I want to be recognized as a Creative- a singer who produces my own beats, creates my own sounds. I’m simply a creative person and have talents aside from singing. I don’t believe I could call myself an “ARTist” if I just sang a song that someone else wrote, or if I simply wrote lyrics to a beat that someone else produced- that’s not enough for me, to only take half the credit to a song-then it’s not mine, it’s not my own art. So when you hear my music, you’ll know the entirety of the sound was created solely by me. I think that’s rare for singers these days…and I think there’s something to be said for artists out there who are Creatives- who create their own music organically and authentically. My music is 100% my ART.”