Micah – “Santa Barbara Weekend” prod. by Donovan Dark

“Santa Barbara Weekend” is a smooth R&B record inspired by a date gone wrong in Santa Barbara, CA. The record provides a nice relaxing vibe that you can cruise to in the car while the song will also relate to the everyday drama that a relationship brings. “Santa Barbara Weekend” is the FIRST timeless record that Micah has written and recorded. The record was written and recorded in Los Angeles, California at the Reflex Entertainment/Dark Matter Studio in Downtown Los Angeles. Director X (Nell Logan) is the genius director behind taking the story and turning it into the cinematic masterpiece you see now. Be sure to follow Micah’s growth as an artist and writer while supporting him on his social media platforms.
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Micah – mean it
Micah is a Los Angeles based artist that has a very unique style and sound. Mean it provides a look behind the curtain into Micah’s more scandalous escapades. Be sure to follow and support this amazing upcoming powerhouse.

Elijah Jac’que Ervin aka E3 I’m a 19yo Mississippi aspiring artist. I write my own material “Reality Rap”. Make my own cover art and logos and I’m currently working on a mixtape “More Than An Obsession” at the same time tryna start a movement . Odd Kid On A Mission To Be Greater. I aim to provide wholesome music, something everyone can not only listen to, but relate to. That’s “Good Music”


Virginia Beach, VA hip-hop duo KEVNPHE , who’s conscious style of rapping is often linked to “back-pack” rap, is simply a reflection of the two artists lives.. they recently released their debut single “Run” on all music platforms online. The song is a mixture of high energy, clever lyrics and layered meanings, accompanied by a club banger of an instrumental! This song definitely has the potential to be a hit! #RUN


Eric Singleton is a talented self-made rapper who goes by E$ BFNE (Beast from the northeast). Growing up in El Paso,Tx, music was a major part of his childhood due to his father being a musician. E$ worked hard to hone his talent and skills and decided to prose music full-time after the death of his best friend. E$ is more than a mere M.C. He is a movement and maverick. Insight, integrity and influence, E$ is on his way to becoming one of hip hops most remarkable success stories. With his smooth delivery, skill, and finesse on the microphone E$ is on his way to becoming one of the South’s most respected young rappers. He started writing music since he was 12 yrs old and has been pursuing music full time for 3+ yrs now. Since his start in 2012 after the death of his best friend, E$ has dropped 2 mixtape’s, “Genesis: The Beginning” (2013) and his project that he is mostly known for “Genesis:Reloaded” (2014-2015) where he released his hit single “Coast to Coast” and collaborated with Ruff Ryder artist “Word One”. (Genesis:Reloaded). After the release of “Genesis:Reloaded” E$ was featured on industry all access.com and labeled one of the hottest rappers in El Paso,TX. (IAA article):
He even started and finished his own web series entitled “The Introduction” to introduce himself to fans and people across the nation via internet. (Introduction Series).
E$ has performed for countless events and in 2015 flew to L.A. to compete in “TeamBackPack’s” Mission Underground in Los Angeles (MULA 2015) a cypher contest for independent MC’s. ( TBP Audition Video).
Besides the mixtape projects and the numerous videos on youtube of E$ showing off his lyrical skills, E$ has also ventured out into making comedy skits to publicly display his versatility as not only an artist but as an entertainer. (Comedy Skits):
From the music to the comedy skits, E$ is a well rounded artist bursting with personality and potential and has even hosted concert events for artist’s such as King Los and J.Oliver. With the drop off E$’s highly anticipated 3rd project entitled “Beast In The Making” which was released April 2nd 2016, E$ has then opened for such artists as Kirko Bangz, Montana of 300, Driicky Graham, and Chi Bully (TBP’s 2015 champion) and is currently planning to tour the Southwest to promote his new album. With his new hit single “Rocks in my Wrist” from his new album E$ is gonna take the world by storm (Rocks In My Wrist Video): . All while simultaneously building his brand entitled the “BFNE Movement” as he expands into different revenues such as selling music, merchandising, and even touring. E$ has performed and rock stages across the U.S. including places like Denver,Dallas,New Mexico, and Arizona. On August 31st 2016, E$ won first place in a contest held by Hip Hop Society and became the Get Your Bars Up Vol.5 champion (GYBU Vol. 5 Video):. Earning him a guest appearance in a future cypher with Jolo Reeves and Ex Funk Volume member Jarren Benton.
His future goals are to make a name for himself in this industry, to not only put the southwest on the map but to change the worlds perspective on southern rappers. As a rising independent artist, E$ sets out to be one the best and most reputable MC’s from the southwest region by any means necessary making him a perfect candidate for success in the music industry.


Origin Fort Lauderdale Florida United States
Genres : R&B Alternative Hip Hop
Years active : 2015 -present
Members : Von’Drerick , Yung Luva

American hip hop duo Formed in 2015 composed of two south ,Florida native brothers
Name Name
The two incorporate both rap and R&B influences to manipulate an alternative hip hop sound releasing their debut Anti Love Ep “Not another Love Song” on Valentine’s Day of 2016 the two shed light upon possible meaning behind the Name “Luv Her Boi” as they incorporated genres of pop R&B and a hard southern style rap telling scorn reminiscent love stories following up with a grittier sound.

Xovon_d & yung_luva