Dawn Goddess, (born Sarah Dawn) aspires to stand out from the crowd. A unique image and soulful voice makes this exotic singer attract people everywhere she goes. Raised in southern California, she grew up singing and competing in her school Choir ensembles her entire life. It wasn't until late in 2015, after the free-spirit moved to Miami Beach Florida, that she decided to pursue her life's passion and brand herself as a singer, model, songwriter and producer. Dawn has quickly created a buzz for herself in Miami and plans to grow further in Atlanta in the summer of 2016.

What sets Dawn Goddess apart from other singers in the biz? (She says, it's her desire to be a Creative). - "I want to be recognized as a Creative- a singer who produces my own beats, creates my own sounds. I'm simply a creative person and have talents aside from singing. I don't believe I could call myself an "ARTist" if I just sang a song that someone else wrote, or if I simply wrote lyrics to a beat that someone else produced- that's not enough for me, to only take half the credit to a song-then it's not mine, it's not my own art. So when you hear my music, you'll know the entirety of the sound was created solely by me. I think that's rare for singers these days...and I think there's something to be said for artists out there who are Creatives- who create their own music organically and authentically. My music is 100% my ART."


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