Lacy Lynn here! Ever since I was a little girl I've dreamt of being a model someday, well that someday is finally here. I took up interest in photography, art, design ect. I wanted to be more creative I didn't want to just be a model, but a creator of artwork.. In all forms. I am very much an earth child, hippie if you will. I love animals,plants, being lost in the woods. I work with special needs children and I enjoy every moment of it knowing how rewarding it is to change a pure souls life for the better, to help those who don't understand or fit in, to inspire them to be more then what they think they are limited to. I love to draw, paint, sculpt ect. I am actually illustrating for a series of children's books right now. All in all anything that let's me be creative I am all over! Acting is another passion of mine as well. Who do you get your fashion inspiration from?  My fashion inspiration comes from within me, I like to wear what makes me feel good. Pretty, sexy whatever I want to feel that day, tyra had a big impact on my fashion inspiration growing up and I have learned from her most of all to be you! So everything I wear is definitely a creation of my own heart. Which companies, brands, photographers, and media spreads have you modeled for? * I have worked for drip girls, sam kazemi (international fashion designer and model) voxefx studios, stepheb caroll who does a lit of book covers, and a lot of freelance work for independent companies. I also do a lot of TFP (time for pics) because I feel like I should never stop practicing. Any upcoming photo shoots? if yes, then with who?  I have a few coming up I will be working with voxefx again very soon as well as Stephen Carroll. I have a lot of inquiries interested that I have yet to schedule due to my busy schedule with the therapy I do for special needs. What are your goals and where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?  My goal is to one day find management instead of freelancing so I can become more known among the people within the same interests, my dream is to one day have an editorial spread in vouge.

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