Over the last few months I have gotten the pleasure of really getting to know Nate Wood. One thing I can say is he is as dedicated to his craft as you can be. He has a clear vision, knows who he is as an artist and even more importantly as a person. I foresee Nate leaving his imprint on this world one way or another.

One thing that is clear right away during Nate Wood's new music video titled "The Party" is that a good amount of people showed up for the video shoot. That speaks volumes to Nate’s character and about the people who showed up to the party. I sent my respect to everyone involved. This video reminds me of a weekend in college. Close friends, good music and beer. Everyone seemed to have a great time and it truly looked like a great night.

One thing I love about Nate Wood's music is his personal lyrics. Nate always has a story to tell and stay's on message. I really appreciate Nate as a lyricist. He stays true to himself and because of that his music is unique.

The Party is a well-put together video. Great quality in extremely high definition, great angles, put together flawlessly. Overall the video helps tell the perfect story for the song. Alex Belville of Mirrorless Productions LLC did a great job with the production of the video.

Nate Wood has a vision of his dream and he's chasing it full speed. His organization skills, determination, and commitment to his craft will help him continue to grow as an artist. I expect to see plenty of great things coming From Nate Wood in the near future.

Twitter: @nextlifenate
Instagram: @nate_.wood

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